Web design and Development

After we receive your web design request, we will examine your business and your requirement to know exactly what you want. Then, we will suggest you some website templates and functionalities from our library, which may benefit your business.

After we agree upon the agreement, we will make the website and deliver you every week to make sure the website has the features you want. During this process, the project is continuously developed and delivered.

By access the system early, you will get yourself familiar with the system and also figure out what you actually want for this project.

Finally, we will deliver system and documents of the website.

The progress in details

1.     Gather requirements and other related information

After you request a web design service, we will contact you to gather more information about your requirements and business’ needs. These information will help us figure out what you actually need. For example:

  • Your Business’ services, contact detail
  • Your logo, images, text, reviews, etc
  • The product lists (for ecommerce store)
  • The more information you provide, the more plentiful your site will be.

If your business is brand new and doesn’t have things like logos or text. Don’t worry. Our team will help your create those with an affordable price. Check out price for logo and content

2.     Choose your template and features

The second step is to select a template and features from our library. We have a large digital store of samples made by experienced designer, so you can quickly view and select one that suit yours instead of trying to figure out yourself from scratch. The samples cover wide range of business types like Agency, Business, Ecommerce store, Portfolio artist, Services, Restaurant, Dentist, Gardening, etc.  We will modify the chosen template to match your business.

In term of Features, based on your business requirements, we will suggest you a list of features suitable for your business. The features may be:

  • Gallery
  • Video management
  • Contact form
  • Post sharing to social media
  • Auto Post to Social Media
  • Pricing table
  • Shopping cart
  • Google maps
  • Blogging
  • …And lots more

3.     Buy domain and hosting

You can buy domain and hosting yourself through your preferred providers, and we will help you deploying the website on your host.

However, we also provide domain and hosting service for your website. So you don’t need to bother yourself with these.

4.     We deliver the website every week

The website is developed and delivered every week, so you can keep track of the progress and get yourself familiar with the system. You can change the requirements and preferences during this phase.

When you accept the final submission, we will give you all the documents and other information, so you fully own your website.

5.     Documentation

The documentations will be delivered at the end of the project, and this include System document and Training document. These docs help you understand the system and know how to use it.